Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Paddling Times, upcoming fundraisers

Hey yorlye, last weekend had excellent conditions for paddling.  The wind and current provided an opportunity to get up some great speed going from Emily to Slaughter Bays, and some challenging conditions on the return.

It was great to see more people giving the steering a go!  The mid tide conditions are good learning times as more water over the reef.  The reef is shallowest on the sea side in front of the salthouse and there is more water over the reef on the salthouse side, so you can paddle right over the reef closer to the salthouse most times.

The challenge is up.  The morning crew of John,Kyla,Kath &Tony reported a return journey to slaughter bay of 9 minutes and some seconds(??)  I think we should have a prize for the first crew to be able to complete a full 180 degree turn in Slaughter Bay??  Anyway, all the people currently learning to steer are learning lots from having a go and if you've got a tip, put it on the blog or e-mail it around.

Damien brought 2 paddles he had made to the beach and gave them a test run.  They look fantastic laminated from local timbers. 
Our next fundraiser is the U18disco next Friday night 10th of December.  We're having a nibbles table this time, so if members could bring a plate of savoury or sweet nibbles that would be great.  Also as many members that can help with the running of the disco is much appreciated.

Preschoolers 5.30-7.00, Primary schoolers 7.00-9.00, Secondary school 9.00-11.30.  Cost is $5 entry and we have free face painting and nails, and some great glow products again and also some glow in the dark tattoo's ($1) this time.

Hope to see you there.
Anyone who happens to be at the beach when the canoe is in the water, you are more than welcome to come and have a paddle.  Saturday afternoons from 3pm.  Tania, Lou and Raewyn are meeting later on Saturday (around 5.00pm) and on Sundays from 3pm.  As soon as there are enough people to lift the canoe into the water, we get started.  Anyone is welcome to join us.  We are also looking at fitting in a Wednesday afternoon paddle at 4.00pm starting next Wednesday.

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